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Feathered Dragons
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General Bird FAQ

The Only Stupid Question is the Unasked One

This is where I need your help folks! Ask your questions! I'll answer them the best I can and post the most common answers here. I'll be posting specific questions about the specific species I breed or own on their represented pages.

Yahoo! Answers can be a great place to learn about birds and other things. I find that if you watch the answers carefully and look for people who know what they're talking about you can learn a great deal about birds and any number of other topics. :-) .

Yahoo Answers -

Doing research on the 'right' bird often requires you to talk to people who have owned and raise the species. The best place to find these people are in forums! Below are some of my favorites. I've been a regular visitor to these forums and I've been quite pleased with the help I've recieved :-) .

Virtual Bird breeder - Great for beginner breeders! Not a forum.

Conure Community

BirdTalk Forums

Quail Place (Slow but informative)

Tiel Chat and Heads over Tiels

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At a Glance

Under Construction

Cockatiels and Conures and Finches, OH MY!