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Feathered Dragons
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Small But Mighty

Budgies HTML again

Budgies. Everyone knows someone who’s had at least one. There’s a good reason why they’re so popular.  These little bundles of energy are smart, colorful, delightfully playful and a are among the best talkers of the smaller parrots. There’s even some evidence that suggests that they’re as smart as the famous African Grey Parrots. Budgies love to be with people and if not given enough things to play with, they will invent their own games. They’re easily one of the best beginner birds, and in many countries they are fighting for first place as the most popular pet bird! It doesn’t take much to teach these guys to talk, though, with any parrot, talking ability is not guaranteed. I have two budgies right now and the older one does not make a peep. The younger girl doesn’t talk, but she mimics her cockatiel rooms mates and the wild robins that pass by the windows in spring.

These guys are super easy to care for! They’re small enough to eep several in an apartment, reasonably quiet, easy to train, love to talk, and can live as long as cats and dogs if properly cared for.

Their drawbacks aren’t diverse, fortunately. They don’t like to be handled like cockatiels, and many may find that a turn off. They also like to chatter non stop. They’re not loud, but they’re consistant and if you like silence, these guys might drive you a bit nuts. The also like to bicker with other birds and think they’re a lot bigger than they really are. I’m always seeing my budgies pick on my quail, though they do it out of playfullness than out of malice.



At a Glance

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