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Feathered Dragons
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I collect a ton of Web sites and I thought I'd share my favorites with you. I'll list my favorites, including some very helpful forums that have helped me though some very trying times!


Parrot Lovers Livejournal Community

Up At Six - Tiel Town Forum (Cockatiels)

Up At Six - Budgie Chat

Up At Six - Conure Chat

That Quail Place Gamebird Forum (Slow, but informative)

Conure Community -


National Cockatiel Society -

The Yellowface Cockatiel Mutation - http://

Budgies (AKA Parakeets)


Green Cheek Conures - green_cheek_conure.htm

Green Cheek Conure Bio - Greencheeks.htm

Conure Community web site - conurecommunity/default.asp

Japanese Quail

Japanese Quail Mutation Photos

Zebra Finches

The Finch Niche

Birds and Science - Both the Weird and Facinating!

Biplane Flying Dinosaurs

The 'biplane dinosaur' link describes how flight may have developed in birds and dinosaurs. Interesting news article!

Worlds Biggest Duck Penis

**WARNING!!** This article shows a picture of the actual bird with its manliness exposed to the world. Don't email me whining about the evil picture! I'm warning you! I'm telling you what it is!

BTW: I put this link here for its pure weirdness and humor factor. :-)

Budgie Attraction to Bright Feathers

Other Animal Related Links

Avian Welfare Coalition Inc (located in Manitoba, Canada)

A local avian rescue. Founded in 2006 to meet a desperate need for a bird rescue in Manitoba. Many of the founders and members are also members of the Parrot Club of Manitoba.

Aikerskaill Winsmith Whippets

The fellers who run this site bred all three of my family's whippets. They do an awsome job. Having baby sat several of their crew (cat, dogs AND puppies!), I can honestly say they do their damnest to produce the best Dogs around. It shows!

Cockatiels and Conures and Finches, OH MY!