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Feathered Dragons
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Me Myself and I

Bird Herder and Artist

Vote for The Khaos Kids at for the $1000 Petster of the month give away!

Vote for The Piggies at for the $1000 Petster of the month give away!

Yeah, I know. Too many things under construction. Believe me, I'm working on it! If you want to see my crazier, more non conventional side, travel over to my other web sites: Domnijoe Pets and Art (My studio) and Circle of the Blood Rose (my faith based site). ^.^

Domnijoe Pets and Art

Circle of the Blood Rose

I'm also working on a web site for my wiccan sisters at the Circle of Artemis:

Circle of Artemis Coven Website

Then there's my personal Livejournal blog; You can find it at:

Cockatiel_Art's Personal Livejournal

My Online Art Galleries

My DeviantART Gallery

My Photobucket Gallery

Hell hath no fury like an artist who's tool box is messed up!

Cockatiels and Conures and Finches, OH MY!