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Feathered Dragons
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Zebra Finches

Tiny Tin Pipe Players

Zebra Finches HTML

Zebra Finches have delighted me for years. I saw my first birds back  in the mid 80’s when I went to Saskatchewan and saw a small museum’s  aviary. I was inthralled by the little creatures and I vowed to have a few when I was old enough to afford them.

Now I have a wonderful pair who I adore completely. They’re very different from parrots. They’re tiny, spookd easily, but fun to watch. They’re the Goldfish of the bird world. You feed them, water them, and clean up after them. They’re not exactly the kind of bird you would bring to the mall with you. They’re delightful in their own way and are happiest when there’s other birds to fly with in a long cage. They’re perfect for the person who loves birds but doesn’t have the time to spend with a parrot. They’re happy to have a human in the room, and as long as they have hiding spots and a place to roost, they’re content!

The only real drawback to these guys is their tiny size. because they’re so tiny, they squeeze through any spot in the cage tiny enough for them to fit through. They’re pretty hard to catch with your hands, so if you decide to get finches (and even untamed budgies!) invest in a small butterfly net with padded rims. This will make the task MUCH simpler!

Also, because of their size, Zebra Finches are prone to getting chills faster than their larger brethern.  More care is needed to keeping their food and water bowls fed, plus, when nesting, care is needed to keeping the nest area warm. Keeping these guys protected from drafts is extra important, though they can be quite hardy when aclimatized and give a place out of the rain and wind.

Zebra Finch Breeding FAQ


At a Glance

Bio Facts:

# of eggs : 2-8, average is 5

Length of incubation: 14 days

Fledging: about 21 days

Weaning: about 4 weeks

Adult at: 6 weeks?

Recomended breeding age: 6-9 months

Ease of Breeding: Pretty easy. Just supply a nest or nestbox, some 1 inch strands of thread or twine and let them have some peace.

Potential Problems: Egg binding, plucking of chicks if double clutching is allowed, and ZF are VERY bad with layering ('sandwiching') their eggs. They will lay multiple nests on top of eachother, especially in a colony setting. To prevent this, breed single pairs in a cage and remove nesting material when the nest is made.

Notes: Males and females both incubate the eggs. Both then feed the chicks when the eggs hatch. Canary nest pans and finch baskets can be bought at most pet stores.

Personal Notes:

My first Zebra Finches: I bought Gum and Arabic in May of 2005.

First started breeding: I started breeding May of 2005. I'm only an occassional hobby breeder of these Finches.

Cockatiels and Conures and Finches, OH MY!