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Feathered Dragons
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Welcome Winter Sunset

I've been asked why I breed. To me it is a hobby. It is something that helps me deal with my large list of illnesses both of the mental and physical sort while allowing me complete control over the care and raising of those creatures I love so much. I've been told I shouldn't breed because of the huge pet overpopulation problem out there. While this is the case in many cities, it is not so much of an issue where I live. I have spoken to my local humane society and they say bird breeding is the one thing they don't frown on. I also regularly take in unwated or abandoned birds. I feel as I breeder it is also my responsability to rescue when I can.

I try not to overbreed my birds and if I sell my babies, I tell all owners that the birds are to be returned to me if they cannot be kept. I try to be responsible though, with all humans, I do make mistakes. All my birds are pets first and breeders second. I try to breed once a year though the cockatiels can suprise me with a clutch every 6 months if I'm not careful. I am trying to find a stud book in which to add the names of my green cheek conures. I also try to conserve nature where and when I can. I refuse to buy recently wild caught and unweaned birds. I never sell unweaned babies! I live for all my animal companions whether bird, fish, rodent or cat. They are my life and they define who and what I live for.

Most folks call me Northlight. I'm the designated bird herder among my family, and I take the title to heart. I presently own a Zoo of birds, including Cockatiels, Japanese Quail, Budgies, a Zebra Finch, and a pair of breeder Green Cheek Conures. I've been breeding birds since late 2001, when my first cockatiels decided the play box beside their cage made a wonderful nestbox. I've learned a **lot** since then and by creating this web site, I hope to show others the things I could never find reading books and web sites. This site is devoted to the bird breeder, though there's information here that all can make use of. I plan on adding clips of babies, eggs, the mating process and other things that I wish I had when I first got started as a hobby breeder. When you're a beginner, you'd be suprised how the cry of a begging baby can be misinterpreted as a young male trying to sing! This web site is devoted to 1) learning and 2) asking questions. If there's any questions you need answered, feel free to email me (Info on the contact page)! The only stupid questions are the unasked ones!

Catch you around!


MUSIC: Rock'n Robin by Robby Day

October 15th 2006 - How to make your own cage updated with directions and diagrams. I apologize for the crappy photos. I have no scanner!

Yep. This is me and two of my cockatiels. They're cute little beggers!

Cockatiels and Conures and Finches, OH MY!